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Authentic Leadership Coaching

Through coaching, my client’s confidence and self awareness increases and their leadership capabilities are strengthened.

completely tailored

Every person I coach is somewhere different on their leadership journey. So I focus on an individual’s goals as they extend their authentic leadership. Based on their own reason for leading, our work may focus on growing self-awareness and self-leadership capabilities, like managing emotions and building confidence. We may develop capabilities for leading others, such as extending trust, developing others, or even creating a culture of authentic leadership.

Read THIS case study about a client transitioning into a more senior role for a better understanding of coaching with me.

evidence-based practices

My research shows a clear link between increasing authentic leadership and increasing self-confidence, and my work starts with this understanding. Each individual is supported to dwell longer in their zone of authentic leadership, to increase their ‘authenticity quotient’.

Through my research a framework has emerged for coaching. Building awareness, increasing self-leadership and extending authentic leadership to others are foundation pieces. In coaching, they are practiced in regular fieldwork, with self-observation and feedback from others enabling effective, robust learning. My Authentic Leadership Coaching Framework is found here

Materials, tools and activities are provided to support coaching outcomes. Outcomes are measured against an individual’s goals and our agreed feedback assessments. We negotiate up front how we work together and how an organisation is involved.

Please contact me if you would like to explore what this could mean for you.


Case Study Role Transition

Coaching Framework

Client Testimonials

To be honest, some people shouldn’t be coached by Jackie. Those seeking the next fad or style enhancer for career progression may not benefit from working with Jackie. Jackie’s skill is best spent with coachee’s who are seeking a developmental journey now but a lasting capability beyond to serve a greater purpose to themselves and others whose life in turn is influenced by Jackie’s approach.

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