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Leadership for Teams

How we lead is core to creating an engaged, productive, sustainable workplace.

Shared Leadership

Imagine for a moment an organisation where everyone saw leadership as both their responsibility and their opportunity.  Not a burden but a further expression of who they are.  An organisation where people look for opportunities to lead and know when to follow.  That’s the focus of my development work.

I develop tailored leadership programs for organisations , underpinned by research about how authentic leaders develop and what environment best supports them. I work with the executive, and various teams in organisations to help them explore and develop their authentic leadership!

Development Outcomes

Typical outcomes are increased trust, self awarenss, confidence, increased transparency in relationships, higher engagement, conscious choices that reflect purposeful direction and, importantly, leaders and followers find more space to bring more of themselves to the workplace.

Read this case study to understand the outcomes for one client organisation going through rapid expansion.

I have worked with a wide range of organisations in diverse industries such as investment, finance, health, mining, manufacturing, project management, professional services, aeronautics, education and insurance.

Please contact me if you would like to explore what this could mean for you.

Case study Rapid Growth

Leadership for teams

Client Testimonials

Jackie stands head and shoulders above other executive coaches and leadership development specialists I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve had coaching with Jackie personally, and she’s worked with my executive teams at two businesses I’ve run.

When coaching me she pushes hard to find the real truth and the real me, and holds me to account to be truly authentic in my leadership and in my development. When working with my teams its been common for people to comment that it is by the far the best leadership development they’ve ever had. It’s always evident that this comes from Jackie’s deep academic and experience base, from which she draws on just the right tool or concept to bring about the insight and learning that will enhance leadership effectiveness and business results.

Phillipa Blakey, MD & CEO, Pulse Health

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