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Case Study – Rapid Growth Leadership Development

“Trust Jackie to bring you just the tools and skills you need, when you need them, how you need them, to build authentic, sustainable leadership in your business.” Phillipa Blakey, MD & CEO

An exciting and interesting client, Pulse Health is a rapidly growing, geographically spread, health care business. I have been working with Pulse Health for the last 18 months, helping to create a culture of distributed leadership throughout the business. “Leadership is the most important capability for business success” believes the MD. The work has built deeper connection between managers throughout the business that is strengthening Pulse’s culture, and through better sharing of ideas and resources, improving business performance.

Pulse has its challenges – time poor, multi location, limited funds, and rapid expansion through acquisitions. Every aspect of the leadership work has needed to be impactful, sustainable and highly flexible. Pulse required a tailored approach that met these challenges. To achieve this I have worked closely with the CEO and her Senior Leadership Team. “JCB has listened to my ponderings about where my team is at, where I think they need to be, and what the issues are with getting there.” The SLT did the learning first! They have joined in as co-facilitators and been transparent in sharing their own leadership journeys, building credibility for the development work throughout the business. This is important in establishing a culture that supports authentic leadership.

The work has evolved in response to the emerging needs of the dynamic business. “Jackie has crafted a program to address our needs, bit by bit, incrementally, responding to our rapid growth and changing people, and delivered it beautifully.” Work with the SLT and the General Managers has been delivered mainly through workshops, piggy backing on the established quarterly operations meetings to optimize time for the leadership team. The themes have been “What is leadership? and “Who am I as a leader?” “Engaging and growing others”, “Creating vision and achieving it”.

Human Synergistics LSI 360° has been a key tool for increasing shared language around effective leadership. It has also provided a personalized development in the context of the wider team.

To reach the next level of managers in the various locations, we have brought them together for an initial day then the General Managers have been supported in running a series of mini-2 hour sessions on site. We believe this will be effective in developing the General Managers further, and putting the development of their team more firmly in their hands, builds greater ownership of their team’s development. This strategy has resulted in both an empowering and cost effective solution for Pulses unique situation.

For Pulse leadership is not a “program’ but a way of being.

Results? Pulse reports the following results so far:

The General Managers are:

  • More confident and are stepping up to the actions required to get their teams doing what they need to do
  • Taking more accountability for outcomes and results, and
  • Appreciative of the learning opportunities and personal/professional development, and are very enthusiastic and engaged.

Rather than approaching leadership development that is ‘done to others’ embodying leadership culture starts at the top. And personally? “Being involved with Jackie through this work has enabled me to continue my leadership development journey and to go deeper into my thinking about my own leadership and purpose. Its challenged me to step up further and be authentic – and be more open about vulnerability (a work in progress) – so that I can model what I believe to be important” Phillipa Blakey

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