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Leadership Beyond Good Intentions. In this book, Geoff Aigner gets very real about leadership – there’s not a model in sight, not even ten top tips; just some fabulously challenging real thoughts about the journey of leading – the internal journey.

“Leadership beyond good intentions” resonated so strongly for me and it’s implication for developing leader, I have recommended it to almost all my coaching clients!

I think this is a very approachable Australian book that explores some important concepts relevant to every leader’s experience. Each chapter concludes with questions allowing time to consider the material and reflect on our own leadership experience.

If you are up for provocation, thinking about and reflecting on your (inner) world as a leader then chapters such as:

  • Fantasies of leadership (yours and those around you)
  • Willingness (and even the imperative) to learn, with the discomfort of not knowing the answers, even being ‘incompetent’ to enable new and relevant solutions to challenging situations
  • Betrayal
  • Passion, neutrality, love and wisdom,

Then this book will hit the mark. If you are looking for another reductive 4 box matrix to sort out the leadership thing for you, then this will probably not hit the mark, though after reading it, you may find you don’t need another matrix!

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