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Positive Psychology at Work: How positive leadership and appreciative inquiry create inspiring organizations – Sarah Lewis (2011)

Sarah Lewis has achieved something very important in this book, the weaving together of current research in the positive psychology field with Appreciative Inquiry, an organisational development methodology and applying it with great case examples into a great guide to effective organisational change! Sarah writes clearly and with ease to allow big topics to be both approachable and easy to apply for all sorts of readers, not just the “change professional”!

I would like to give every leader in every organisation a copy of this book to to help make better sense of engaging effectively with change. It would be fantastic if it led to more people questioning traditional approaches to change that rarely deliver the success hoped for and explored what is covered helpfully in this book – wiser approaches to change. This in itself is confronting and liberating, and all it takes is a few positive deviants (see pages 15 & 16) to help us along the way!

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