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Learn how you can lead, just as you are


What sort of a follower are you?

I am a leadership developer, and absolutely understand the impact of leadership.  I constantly hold leaders to …

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We want real leadership. And when do we want it? Now!

Shock, despair, uncertainty, fear, loss. Our situation is so confronting I’m looking for direction, for help, for …

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Could the Wentworth bi-election have been avoided if Turnbull had demonstrated authentic leadership?

With the Wentworth bi-election just around the corner and the impending doom of another minority government, it …

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Feedback – A vital nutrient for growth

Hands up if you want feedback. Yep thought so. Keep your hand up if you love giving …

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Has Corporate Australia lost the war on ethics?

‘As a leader you are judged for the decisions you make every day’ Director, 51 -55 Few …

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Leadership on the Edge – Part 2

Last week we explored what it looks like to lead authentically, deeply committed and yet not to …

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