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A valuable lesson in trusting ourselves to be ‘enough’ on the day.

This life I live is a funny one, my pursuit of authenticity brings with it challenge, commitment and discipline.  The discipline (a word I would rarely use about myself) to be aware, to notice, to reflect on self.  The funny bit is the learning that just keeps happening…. Probably until I actually, really learn it, or maybe I just keep going back to the same classroom for a top up.

Today I’m facilitating the first full day of the Leaders Learning Forum!   It’s a group of people who have been coaching clients and are coming together for rich conversations and deep learning about authentic leadership, about themselves.  They also want to develop strong relationships with each other.  I have had 3 months to complete preparation for today and ” finished” this morning, still unsatisfied I won’t have enough to give.

As I sit here in the cafe, early, enjoying a coffee and reading some nourishing writing from my dear friend and colleague (and teacher) Doug Silsbee, his latest blog www.dougsilsbee.com/blog/mastery, a comment lands for me   “our presence and quality of being supports an opening for our clients”. And as I laugh I see the familiar classroom….. the “I have to be across all the research and have amazing stuff to be of value” classroom.  And it is this that has kept me from completing my preparation for this morning, and it’s Doug’s comment that I relearn…. My intention, my presence and my quality of being will be enough today.  As it is every day.  I am not the research, I bring so much more to the learning situation, AND so do the participants, their presence, their intention, their quality of being. These people are not here for the research, they are here for a much deeper experience that they will equally participate in.

So as I breath deeply, reminding myself ‘I am enough’, we are enough, I smile, I notice my teacher with me and I notice the excitement rise as I think about what we will create together today!

As a facilitator or coach how often do we misinterpret our role as being of value because of the knowledge we bring rather than our presence and the process we provide others to do their own learning?

Footnote: there was bare interest in the research but a whole lot in the interactions and application of it!

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