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More About Me

Jackie Crispin Brown

Founder / Owner - Catalyst 
Coach and Facilitator for Leadership + Authenticity

Where others see complexity, I see patterns and opportunities.
It helps clients make sense of their world.


  • I create with clients coaching experiences and development programs that stretch them, excite them and build their confidence in achieving their desired future. 

  • It's important that clients develop independence as we work together, owning their transformations and ongoing success.  

  • I don’t deliver a cookie-cutter solution that stagnates after I leave.  I “teach people to fish”, I don’t just hand out the take-away sushi…

  • 30 years experience working with leaders and teams blended with extensive formal education and training, enables me to excel as a catalyst for leadership and team transformations.


I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead.  When I witness individuals and teams step authentically into their leadership, expanding into their potential, it’s a privilege and it’s always exciting to see what happens next.  Their contribution goes well beyond their role to touch and influence people widely, often into their own families and communities.

That’s why I do what I do.


Our relationship is key. I’m honest, frank and open, making sure we are clear upfront about outcomes, committed to deadlines and not working on assumptions. I ask challenging questions but also encourage and support people on their journeys of exploration and insight - helping people grow in confidence. And I’ll bring some humour and playfulness to what can be a challenging path at times.

  • I take the time to listen, understand and gain insight into the system my clients are a part of, their behaviour and beliefs. 

  • I create bespoke solutions using my expertise and my network of on-tap specialist collaborators. 

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