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I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead.
I work with people exploring who they are as a leader and how they can expand this capacity authentically, with impact. This work is achieved through coaching or leadership development programs.


I work with an understanding that leadership is a whole person practice - mind, body and heart. What goes on in our mind is expressed in how we move in the world. How we move, in turn shapes what we think. I help leaders find the quiet mind space to explore what’s necessary to make grounded decisions and construct practical, embodied ways to move ahead.

Together, we will create a coaching program that will most help you increase your leadership capacity. Often that includes hour long sessions, every 2 or 3 weeks. It may include feedback, assessments or input from others. It always includes you experimenting with your learning between our sessions and reflecting on outcomes.


When an organisation realizes the potential that comes from all of its team expressing leadership, it has so much more capacity for engagement, innovation, collaboration, vision productivity and expansion. 

I develop tailored leadership programs for organisations , underpinned by research about how leaders develop and what environment best supports them.

Typical outcomes are increased trust, self awareness, confidence, increased transparency in relationships, higher engagement, conscious choices that reflect purposeful direction and, importantly, leaders and followers find more space to bring more of themselves to work.



I help teams grow their capacity for complexity and thrive in uncertainty.
I help them have the conversations they need to have and make faster, smarter decisions. I help teams create quality collaboration and contribute to their own and others' learning and well-being.


Each team is different. It operates in a different complex system with a different purpose. It has different ambitions, different stakeholders, different capabilities and different development needs. 

Understanding this, is the starting point in working with a team. The maturity of the team will shape its development. I will work with the team leader and the team to create a development plan. This is likely to be a combination of workshops and team coaching.

Team development:

  • Through workshops, focus on developing team member's capability to work together.

  • Skills and relationship development such as conflict resolution, dialogue, change management, relationship building, feedback.

  • Work helping individual team members develop team knowledge and skills.


To work effectively in the complexity of teams I work with a co-coach selected to complement the needs of the team.

  • Together we work with the team, as a whole through a series of coaching sessions, supporting the team to learn more about the system it's operating in, its relationship with stakeholders and to see and experience in real time its own performance.

  • Coaching sessions are connected to the work the team needs to do, such as making difficult decisions.

Team coaching: 

  • Fosters agility, collaboration and embeds learning as it happens.

  • Helps a team see things they haven’t seen or considered.

  • Helps teams talk robustly about things that matter.

  • Assists the team to work together in a way that creates the greatest value for the stakeholders.

  • Provokes thinking, fosters insight, provides feedback.

  • Supports embedding leadership in the team.  



Supporting participants to gain insight and create their own learning in authentic leadership. Finding relevant areas through stimulating material, challenging questions, engaging conversation and creative session design.


  • Trust, it's dynamic!

  • Flourishing in uncertainty.

  • Finding creativity in ambiguity.

  • Real collaboration.

  • Teaming beyond boundaries.

  • Growing a culture of leadership.

  • Everyday leadership.

  • Building authentic and strategic relationships with stakeholders.

  • Authentic leadership.

  • Finding a way forward with difficult conversations.

  • Courageous communication.

  • Feedback - its a present!

  • Coaching conversations can happen all the time!

  • Fostering a Growth Mindset.

  • Creating a learning organisation.

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